Top 10 Big Brother Books For Young Readers

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I am from a family of five.  I was the youngest for the longest time until I suddenly was not.  A baby brother came on the scene and it was quite strange for a while.  It must be even more strange when the big brothers are much younger than I was.

Parents buy a bunch of books to prepare themselves for a baby and a new child. Other members of the family, including the new big brothers, can use some books as well.  There are so many books out there to choose from.  I chose ten great ones geared toward younger readers. 

Some things to look for are the age of the reader, the basic plot of the book, past works of the authors and illustrators, and how other readers enjoyed the book.  

The reviews will include intended ages based on customer reactions. The range does not mean all readers that age will enjoy the book or that it is only for those ages.  It’s just an average.  


André The Best Big Brother by Mikaela Wilson (Author), Pardeep Mehra (Illustrator)

André is no longer going to be an only child.  It’s a confusing time for him and a big adjustment.  Part of the André and Noelle (10 books) series of books.  

Intended Ages: 2-4 Years

Feedback: The Amazon page provides a lot of information about the book, including introducing the characters and explaining the lessons it teaches. 

The goal of the series is to teach in an entertaining fashion.  The new child is not given a gender so the reader can fill in his own.   Readers enjoy that the character has “real emotions” as a new big brother might feel.  

Babies Don’t Eat Pizza: A Big Kids’ Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters by Dianne Danzig  (Author), Debbie Tilley (Illustrator)

A guide for big brothers covering a range of topics from pregnancy to toddler years. 

Intended Ages: 2-6 Years

Feedback: This small book is chocked-filled with information that was vetted by experts. Topics include multicultural families, feeding (breast and bottle), children’s feelings, helping take care of the baby, and a lot more.  Serious topics in an age-appropriate approach.  

Some readers thought there was too much information or found the material a bit too mature for their child.  A book with this amount of possibly sensitive information is a judgment call.  

Big Brothers are Superheroes by Jessica Yahfoufi 

A mixture of a story, information, and activity book that explains how big brothers are important role models for their new siblings. 

Intended Ages: 2-6 Years

Feedback: A good book to reassure and explain to a child that a new sibling does not mean they are less loved or important.  The book is sturdy for wear and tear.  Jessica Yahfoufi is the big sister in charge at 

Some readers noted it might be too babyish for older readers. Also, it is geared toward two-parent families.  

Big Brother Daniel (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood) by Angela C. Santomero  (Author), Jason Fruchter (Illustrator)

This is a Board book tells about Daniel learning to be a good big brother to Baby Margaret.

Intended Ages: 2-3 Years 

Feedback: Fans of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood should enjoy this board book based on a very special episode of the show.  A few readers thought it was poor quality and did not have enough story.  Most readers enjoyed it.  

Families Change by Julie Nelson

This book provides a reassuring discussion about the changing nature of families involved in foster care and adoption, including how sometimes children get new families.  

Intended Ages: 4-10 Years 

Feedback: This is part of a two book set concerning foster and adoption. The author is a teacher and home visitor for a nonprofit early intervention program, and an instructor for Early Education and Development

This book deals with the changing nature of families, including those in the foster system. Siblings can be confused about the process. 

This book helps a specific type of big brother understand the complexities involved.  Foster and adoptive parents as well as specialists have praised this book.  

Gus Becomes a Big Brother: An Adoption Story by Heather S. Lonczak (Author), Claudia Varjotie (Illustrator)

Gus prepares to be a big brother as his parents decide to adopt.  

Intended Ages: 4-8 Years

Feedback: This book covers the many emotions a big brother goes through when his parents choose to adopt. 

The book is written by an adoptive mother and psychologist, providing a personal touch. The book covers the process of adoption through the eyes of a young child experiencing it.  

A few readers found the book too wordy for this age range. 

My New Baby by Rachel Fuller (Author, Illustrator)

One of four board books about preparing a child for a new baby.  

Intended Ages: 1-3 Years

Feedback: This is a very popular series of board books that provide information to very young children about what to expect when a new sibling comes into their lives. Simple text and living illustrations encourage young reader feedback. 

Some readers like the information and pictures but their children did not find the text engaging when read to them.  

The New Small Person by Lauren Child  (Author, Illustrator)

Elmore Green likes being an only child. A new baby causes a lot of trouble.  Until being a big brother suddenly becomes special.

Intended Ages: 3-5 Years 

Feedback: This a good book for young children who might not be super excited about being a big brother.  Readers are impressed at the realistic story with an amusing touch. Fans of Lauren Child should especially enjoy yet another charming volume for this popular author.  

Olive Marshmallow by Katie Saunders

Archie notices his mommy’s tummy, her office is suddenly all pink, and eventually, a little sister comes home who looks like a big marshmallow!

Intended Ages: 3-6 Years

Feedback: The author is an expert illustrator and also a greeting card and toy designer! 

The book is an excellent way to explain to your child what is happening to mommy and what to expect when a new baby comes. 

Readers praised that the book is from the point of view of the child and has colorful artwork. A few young readers could have been more impressed!

You’re The Biggest: Keepsake Gift Book Celebrating Becoming a Big Brother or Sister by Lucy Tapper  (Author, Illustrator)

Part of the Pregnancy & Baby (13 books) series. 

The book takes the reader on a journey with two foxes as they experience being an older sibling.  A space for a personal message on the front page.

Intended Ages: 2-5 Years 

Feedback: This is a very popular book. It is a good keepsake for a sibling celebrating becoming a big brother. The book has colorful illustrations and teaches an important message about why being an older sibling is so important and rewarding. 

A few readers thought there was too little story and text.  

From One Big Brother To Another … Happy Reading!