Are e-Readers Good for Kids?

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Obviously, it is essential to encourage kids to read as much as possible. But which is better – real books or books e-readers? There are several advantages to both physical books and e-readers, and today we are going to look at several reasons why parents should invest in e-readers for their kids while at the same time instilling a love of actual books.

Are e-Readers Good for Kids?

Font Sizes Can Be Adjusted

One significant advantage e-readers have over physical books is that the font size can be adjusted. While storybooks often use large fonts, most novels do not, even those written for children. However, some kids (and adults too) have difficulties reading when the font is too small. An e-reader allows them to be able to read comfortably.

Look Up Words

The whole point of getting kids to read is to help them learn, and an e-reader can make that job even easier for parents and teachers. For example, a child may come across a word they don’t understand.

Rather than going to another source for an explanation, they can simply click on that word and find its meaning.

Find Older Titles

Your child may hear about an older book title that they are interested in reading, but because it is older, it is no longer available in a printed format (unless you can find it online or at a used book store).

When you use an e-reader, you can often find most older titles that are no longer published. Not only does this allow kids to read the classics, but it also ensures that those stories will remain alive even if they are no longer being published.

Small Hands Hold e-Readers Easier Than They Do Books

We’ve all been there: reading a great book but not liking that it can be hard to keep it opened to the right page. As soon as you let go of the book, you lose your place. This can be a real problem for children.

After all, their hands are much smaller, and if it is a large book, they may have difficulty holding onto it while reading. But, of course, this isn’t a problem when they are using an e-reader.

A Library at Their Fingertips

There are loads of books available through the e-library that kids can read for free. Like a traditional library, they can “borrow” these books and return them when they finish reading them. If you have a kid who loves to read and you can’t keep up with the cost of books, this is a fantastic option.

Are e-Readers Good for Kids

Book Samples

One of the biggest problems with buying books is that you may not like the content once you have spent the money for it. In the case of kids’ books, parents need to know that the books they are reading are appropriate for them.

E-readers allow you to read excerpts or samples from books, and this will give you a pretty good idea if they like the content and that the content is appropriate for their age. This is a lot better than spending a fortune on books that will never be read.

Borrow Books for Free

This goes back to the idea of an e-library. On Amazon Prime, you can borrow one book each month for free. You can choose the title or let your child choose the title they want to read, which you approve.

There is also a Kids’ Book Deal of the Day and the Kindle Freetime Unlimited subscription plan just for kids. This will save a lot of money while ensuring that your kids have an opportunity to read regularly.

Free Classics

There is a lot of classic children’s literature out there that will never go out of style. Many of these books are no longer in copyright, making them public domain. Many of these classic books are available as e-books, and they are absolutely free.

Your kids can enjoy the same wonderful stories you enjoyed when you were a kid, and it won’t cost you anything. You and your kids can enjoy these stories together, so an e-reader may just be something that brings parents and children even closer together.

You Have Control

When your kids go into a bookstore and buy books, you may not necessarily be with them, and you may disapprove of the books they are buying. With an e-reader, you can enjoy using the parental controls with the Kindle Tablet and Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader.

You will share an account with your kids, and they will only have access to the selected and approved content.


Whether an e-book or a physical book, it’s fantastic that your kids want to read. Keep encouraging them to read books from both sources, and they will significantly benefit by gaining a love of reading.