10 Best Groundhog Day Books for Young Children

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My nephew Austin just turned five.  Holidays seem particularly made for children. They have a sense of joy and wonder that makes the holidays fun.  

Groundhog Day is a fun holiday for young children. The groundhog is a silly-looking animal that children can adore. The whole “afraid of its shadow” theory of weather prediction seems like a children’s story.  And, young children generally do not have a feel for the long time passage of time required to remember if the groundhog was wrong.  Advantage: Groundhog!  

My purpose here is to provide some of the best Groundhog Day Books for Young Children.  I will provide you with a link to where you can buy them, providing basic information to help you decide if they are good for your needs.   

What I look for: the author’s expertise (are they recognized children’s book authors?), the specific subject matter, what others are saying about them, the skillset of the intended audience, and any deficits that might be red flags.

Note: The intended ages are estimates and individual tastes will arise.  


Celebrating Groundhog Day: History, Traditions, and Activities by Karen Bush Gibson 

Learn about Groundhog Day while having fun with various hands-on activities. 

Intended Audience: 6-9 Years 

Feedback: This book provides children with a range of facts on Groundhog Day and more with colorful pictures to keep them engaged. The book also provides fun things to do such as making a groundhog mask and baking Groundhog Day cookies.  

Groundhog Day by Gail Gibbons 

Learn all about Groundhog Day, including its history, how it is celebrated around the world, and a whole lot more.  

Intended Audience: 3-6 Years 

Feedback: Gibbons is the author of more than 100 books for young readers.  This award-winning author here provides a good nonfiction book for young readers to learn about the holiday.  

Fans like its facts but some do not like the “flow” and style of the writing, finding it hard going for young readers.  

Groundhog’s Day Off by Robb Pearlman  (Author), Brett Helquist (Illustrator)

Groundhog is bored with the same old same old and goes on vacation. But, none of the other animals sought out as a replacement seem a good fit to fill in for his special day.  

Intended Audience: 3-6 Years

Feedback: Pearlman is the bestselling author of over 50 books.  This one is celebrated for its fun lead character and sense of humor while also teaching a lesson about empathy in terms young children will understand.  

Groundhog’s Runaway Shadow by David Biedrzycki  (Author, Illustrator)

Phil the Groundhog’s shadow decides to have an adventure on his own after their conflicting natures lead to a falling out.  

Intended Audience: 4-8 Years

Feedback: This amusing book takes the whole “groundhog and its shadow” a bit literally, imagining a pair of bickering friends with very different personalities. 

The author has written and or illustrated over 30 books.  One critic thinks the book doesn’t do enough to help children know the nature of the holiday.  

Groundhog Secrets: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Woodchucks by Lieve Snellings 

Margot the woodchuck (aka groundhog) provides all you want to know about the secret world of the groundhogs.

Intended Audience: 8-10 Years

Feedback: This book for slightly older readers is full of information. It is very pretty visually with colorful pages and great photographs.  Fans of this book might like other “Margot the woodchuck” books by the author as well.  

Groundhog Weather School: Fun Facts About Weather and Groundhogs by Joan Holub  (Author), Kristin Sorra (Illustrator)

Welcome to groundhog school! Learn all about the weather with those friendly groundhogs.  

Intended Audience: 5-8 Years

Feedback: Both contributors have many books between them. This book is a fun way for children to learn some things about groundhogs and the weather.  

A few were upset that the book was “too busy” with thought bubbles for many characters. Some children are overwhelmed by this.

Groundhug Day by Anne Marie Pace  (Author), Christopher Denise  (Illustrator, Cover Art)

A Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day mash-up. Groundhog sees his shadow and is hiding out. Will he miss out on a fun Valentine’s Day party?!

Intended Audience: 3-5 Years

Feedback: Both contributors have many books between them. The book not only provides a lesson on Groundhog Day but has a sweet message about friendship. Children also can relate to Groundhog’s fears of missing a good thing. 

Grumpy Groundhog by Maureen Wright  (Author), Amanda Haley (Illustrator)

It’s Groundhog Day and everyone is excited. But, Groundhog rather stay in bed and sleep.  

Intended Audience: 3-6 Years 

Feedback: Readers enjoyed this cute tale with colorful pictures that allow children to add their own comments about what is happening.  Fans of the contributors should enjoy this one too, including its fun storyline.  

The Night Before Groundhog Day  by Natasha Wing  (Author), Amy Wummer (Illustrator)

Everyone is excited about the upcoming Groundhog Day celebration in this book written in the style of the “Night Before Christmas” poem.  

Intended Audience: 3-7 Years

Feedback: Another book in the popular “Night Before” series.  Readers found it cute and engaging for toddlers.  Good illustrations and a fun “countdown” to the holiday.  

Substitute Groundhog by Pat Miller  (Author), Kathi Ember (Illustrator)  

Groundhog is sick and needs to find a replacement for Groundhog Day.  Who will do it and will they be able to do it right?  

Intended Audience: 4-8 Years

Feedback: Both contributors have many books between them.  The illustrations are in different formats (single-page drawings, spreads, and spot art) to keep children interested.  The different animals’ struggles with the job gave children something to think about.